International Journal of Science and Management

ISSN No.23199547

Deadline for Submission: 20th APRIL 2016.

Notification of Acceptance: 25th APRIL 2016.

Registration: 5h MAY 2016.

Manuscript Publication: 6Th -7th MAY 2016.

Authors including academicians, researchers, social activists and policymakers are cordially invited to present, show-case, and discuss their experiences and challenges in the field of Science and management and also related fields.
Following types of papers are published
- Original research works, both theoretical and empirical in Science, Engineering, Social economics, technology and related fields.
- Exhaustive surveys of journalism of an upcoming new research area.
- Research papers reporting unique research results
- Technology trend surveys reviewing an area of research

International Journal of Science and Management, publishes original research papers on all aspects of Science and Management etc.
We aim to bring important work via approaching to a wide International Audience and therefore only publish papers with strong messages that advance our understanding of principles. The research presented must transcend the limits of case studies. Both experimental and theoretical studies are accepted.
Why publish in this Journal?
• High-impact – Because of CMAI’s reach in 54 Countries and 48500 members etc
• Rapid publication – Every Quater
• High visibility – Deals in 29 states in India and Abroad
• Online submission – Easy to submit Online
• Full archive available- All past details are available on website

List Of topics

• ICT in Education
• Entrepreneurship in Education
• Innovations in ICT for Education
• Networking
• Networks for communications
• Advance Computing technology with applications
• Alert applications
• B2B and B2C Management
• Bio-Medicine
• Biotechnology
• Broadband and intelligent networks
• Broadband wireless technologies
• Capacity planning and dimensioning
• Channel capacity modelling and analysis
• Cloud Computing
• Collaborative applications
• Communication application/ Systems
• Knowledge based systems
• Knowledge management
• Location and provisioning and mobility management
• Location Based Services
• Logistics applications
• Management Theory
• Management information systems
• MEMS and system integration
• Microsensors and microactuators
• Middleware Issues
• Mobile and Wireless Networks
• Smart home applications
• Social and economic models for pervasive systems
• Social Networks and Online Communities
• Software Engineering
• Technology in Education
• Theoretical Computer Science
• Transportation information
• Human Resource
• Organizational Behaviuor
• Google Apps
• Infrastructure, Services and Applications
• Interworking architecture and interoperability

• Internet management
• Data Base Management
• Data retrieval
• Decision analysis methods
• Decision making
• Distributed Sensor Networks
• Economics Theory
• E-Business
• E-Commerce
• Embedded Computer System
• Emerging signal processing areas
• Encryption
• Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems
• Flexible manufacturing systems
• Formal methods and tools for designing
• Fuzzy algorithms
• Fuzzy logics
• GPS and location-based applications
• Green Computing
• Grid Networking
• High-speed Network Architectures
• Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
• Human-machine interfaces
• Hybrid Sensor
• ICT Convergence
• Industrial applications of neural networks
• Industrial automated process
• Industrial communications
• Information Management
• Information processing
• Information System
• Information systems and applications
• Information Technology and their application
• Infrastructure monitoring and control applications
• Innovative pervasive computing applications
• Instrumentation electronics
• Intelligent Control System
• Intelligent sensors and actuators
• Internet applications and performances
• Internet Services and Applications Internet Technologies,

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