International Association of Educational Institutes and Universities (IAEIU) – a group of CMAI

IAEIU organised

International Journal for Science & Management,

India International Center, New Delhi

IAEIU is a registered International Association of renowned CMAI Association of India is engaged in all areas of Arts science and Management research. It provides platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.


Social science and Humanities: Social Science and Humanities, Sociology, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Political, Cultural Aspects of Development, Tourism Management, Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Education, Women Studies and so on.


Science and Engineering: All kinds of Science and Innovation, Environmental Studies, Climate Change, Agricultural, Rural Development, Urban Studies etc. Business and Economics: Business and Marketing, Economics, Financial Development, Accounting, Banking, Management, Human Resources, Computer Science, ICT, Telecom, Mobile, Technology, Applications etc..


The IAEIU members include research and development center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, research scientists, engineers, scholars, experienced software development directors, managers and engineers, university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. IAEIU plays an influential role and promotes developments in Computer Science and ICT in a wide range of ways. The mission of IAEIU is to promote and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state of the art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise.


IAEIU organizes conferences, workshops, and provides sponsor or technical support to conferences and workshops. The AIEU Press also publishes high quality academic international journals in most research areas.


IAEIU seeks to encourage regional and international communication and collaboration, promote professional interaction and lifelong learning, recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations, encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in all areas of Arts science and Management research including Computer Science and Information Technology. We also welcome research that highlights successful modern applications of Computer Science and Information Technology, such as Agriculture, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Business, Chemical, Environment, Education, E-Learning, Geography, Mathematics and Physics, Social Science & Humanities, Science and Engineering.


We offer the higher education link between different India and Abroad. We invest into higher education and manage relevant institutes. We provide the services of the exchanging of worldwide education and culture. We provide the admission service of colleges (schools) and universities for overseas students with respect to A-level, foundation, diploma, first degree, master and doctor degree.


We prepare, promote, arrange, organize, implement and conduct international academic visiting and learning tours to Singapore with issuing the invitation letter for visa of Singapore and other countries and arranging the programs of visiting, meeting and tours.


The aim of IAEIU is to support and develop knowledge in various research fields of Management and Education. The IAEIU Journal is important and vital journal for the development of Arts Science and Management. It includes academics, research scholars, graduate students, practitioners and all others interested in Arts Science and Management research.



IAEIU nurtures talent with merit to make IAEIU as one of the leading global source for scientific and technical research organization.


Our Missions

IAEIU’s mission is promoting scientific and educational activities towards the advancement by improving the theory and practice of ICT/Internet/Computer Science and Information Technology and related arts and sciences. IAEIU sponsors and organizes conferences, workshops, seminars and/or awareness programs by providing the technical and other supports to improve research and development activities. IAEIU is also publishing high quality academic international journals.
IAEIU is committed to
o Endorse fineness, transparencies, openness for journal publications of the member bodies
o Act as a medium for broadcast and converse of scientific knowledge
o Propagate technical eminence in programs, Publications and all other activities.
o Recognize achievements of individuals and institutions in the field of research and publications.
o The development of Arts, Science and Management disciplines.
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